A young black parolee and budding comedian, desperate to set his life right, goes to Maine to work for a beloved retired teacher who is in the process of going horribly wrong.


Romantic Comedy

Harris Winokur has everything, including an obsessive fear of dying. Charlotte is the free-spirited astrologer he falls in love with, and whom he hopes will help him overcome his fears. But... can she murder for love? Find out how far love can take you in this romantic comedy set in Paris.


Short Film

Mañana is about procrastination, or how the road to hell is paved with good intentions...

Marie (the charismatic Fanny Gilles) wonders why people find it so hard to be good. Seeing her neighbor is sick, she decides that buying her flowers would make her good. But this simple gesture turns out to be difficult to accomplish, what with all the stresses of life, and the ideal of goodness more elusive than she thought.

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